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Students transferred 8,000 UAH prize money to the armed forces of Ukraine

Students from VNU and LNTU, all studying in the special Legislative Drafting course jointly offered by the universities, joined together for a competition in "grouping" and "ordering" legislative sentences/concepts.  

Following instruction from Eric Putzig, a legal expert and volunteer from the United States, each team had five minutes to complete a complex puzzle consisting of 13 elements, each of which had three distinct characteristics.  All four teams completed the puzzle in less than three minutes, and - much to Mr. Putzig's amazement - all four teams achieved the correct answer.

All four teams then decided to donate their winnings - 8,000 UAH in total - to the Ukrainian military.  Said Mr. Putzig: "With minds this smart, and hearts this big, Russia will not only lose the war, but Ukraine will grow into a one of Europe's finest member states."

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