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For admission to the master's degree in the specialties 081 "Law" and 293 "International Law" in 2022, the   master's comprehensive test is provided.

According to general characteristics  of the master's complex test, the test will contain two blocks of tasks: from a foreign language (English, German, French or Spanish at the choice of the entrant) and law. 

Test tasks of the MKT foreign language block will correspond to the content EVI programs, block from the right – Subject test programs in law and international law.

The total number of MKT tasks is 80, for the completion of which 120 minutes will be allocated .

Assignments will be graded according to scoring schemes. For the performance of each component of the test, the participant will receive a separate result after completing the test.

For competitive selection, the results of each block will be used, translated into a scale of 100–200 points. Tables for converting test scores to a scale of 100–200 submitted in Annex 6 to In order. So, to get 100 points, it is enough to score at least one test point for each block.



Block of ICT in foreign language (English, German, Spanish) will consist of two parts: reading and using the language.

There will be a total of 30 tasks, including:

  • 6 matching tasks (you will be asked to select headings to texts/parts of texts from the given options; statements/situations to announcements/texts; questions to answers or answers to questions);

  • 5 tasks with choosing one correct answer from four options;

  • 19 tasks for filling in the gaps in the text (you will be asked to complete the sentences in the text with phrases/words from the given options).

The foreign language assignment will be evaluated according to the scoring scheme. That is, 1 test point will be awarded for each correct answer to the task with the choice of one correct answer, 1 test point for each correctly defined logical pair in the matching tasks and 1 test point for each correctly filled gap in the text. Therefore, you can get from  0 to 30 points for the tasks of the MKT unit in a foreign language.

MKT block with French language  involves the completion of 30 tasks with the selection of one correct answer from the proposed options, for the correct completion of which you can receive from  0 to 30 points, i.e. 1 test point will be awarded for each correct answer


The content of the block is determined by the Subject Test Program in Law and International Law, approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated February 3, 2022 No. 107.

The total number of tasks in the block is 50. The maximum number of points that can be scored by correctly completing the tasks in the block is 50 points.

According to the program, the block includes tasks to test knowledge of
the following disciplines:
– Constitutional law of Ukraine – 6 tasks;
- Administrative law of Ukraine. Administrative proceedings in Ukraine - 6 tasks;
– Civil law of Ukraine – 7 tasks;
– Civil procedural law of Ukraine – 6 tasks;
– Criminal law of Ukraine – 7 tasks;
– Criminal procedural law of Ukraine – 6 tasks;
– International public law – 6 tasks;
- International protection of human rights - 6 tasks.

The working group  on the preparation of ICT at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (law), as well as specialists of the Ukrainian Center for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education (Foreign Languages)  developed demonstration versions of the test. Thanks to the specialists of the Lviv Regional Center for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education, future masters can practice performing ICT tasks in a special online environment. Please note that the block of assignments on law and international law is the same for all potential masters, but assignments on a foreign language are optional: 

If you currently have a slow internet connection or are unable to work for 120 minutes at the computer – , download the MKT demo version file, choosing one or another foreign language, complete the tasks and check your answers with the correct ones.  

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